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We are a registered company in Bio-Diesel Manufacturer and Wholesaler. We are proud to be a new, innovative and fresh concept in South Africa with a product that is very new in the market which we plan to bulk distribute to our already over 2,000 clients wanting to be supplied with Bio-Diesel.
​We have invested millions in the purchase of our own Biodiesel Production Plant in Johannesburg with our office building also on site to produce Biodiesel and the cleanest diesel in South Africa.
We produce  biofuel, renewable green energy products, and waste management services across South Africa and Africa. We are one of the biggest Bio-Diesel producers in South Africa and with our 5 to 10 year growth plan launched September 2016 our company is set in becoming a key player in the South African economy in providing biofuel, renewable energy and waste management.

Our Production Capacity:
-In Phase 1:
We plan to reach a production capacity of 3,2million litres of Biodiesel, to employ 35 staff members to ensure production capacity is met and the smooth running of the company. We also plan top have a total of 60 distributors rolling out our product in their region to clients so product is always readily available and closer to the client and to have representation and marketing of our brand and company is 60 branches across South Africa that would be opened and run by our distributors which would also create employment and opportunities.
Our operations will run 24 hours, 7 days a week, with two shifts producing Biodiesel, a day shift working 6am to 6pm and a night shift working 6pm to 6am, 7 days a week. With standby trained staff that would assist when staff members are off, sick or on leave.

-In Phase 2 : 
We plan to  increase our capacity in staff members to 120, and production capacity to 12,8million litres per month. We are planning on adding more reactors to our production line and will invest R40million towards achieving these units.
We currently have commitment from investment banks, two government agencies and many private investors that have approached the company wanting to buy shares in the company in partnership bring more capital towards growing the company.

We are also licensed in manufacturing and wholesaling Biofuel in South Africa and as an importer and exporter of systems and goods as well into and from the South African market.
We are converting old tyres and waste plastic into diesel already supplying over hundreds of clients and keep growing our client base each day and each month.
We are also opened to new partnerships that bring investment, innovation and growth to our company with a shared vision of transforming the South African economy into a green one that renews waste and energy and a contribution towards fighting global warming. Reducing costs in our transportation which will have a positive impact in rising food prices and fighting poverty in SA.
We have a particular and passionate approach in creating employment and building entrepreneurship in the South African economy.

Our Biodiesel Certification:
We are doing batch testing of our Biodiesel with every batch we produce and send samples to accredited Intertek and the SABS for certificate printouts for each batch we produce. This ensures quality and assurance to all our clients who purchase our Biodiesel. The company plans to do this consistently to ensure confidence and assurance at all times with our clients to build a relation of product quality trust between us and our clients at all times.

Employment Creation:
The build of our Biofuel Plant created jobs for 40 people who were skilled in building, construction, engineering, driving and welding, with some staff in our administration.
​We have employed a total of 28 permanent workers who will be focused in the production of our Biofuel and we plan to have a total of 37 workers by the end of 2017. We will also be adding 15 casuals during the December holidays who would consist of young people mostly to contribute towards creating job opportunities for young people to earn their own income, develop skills and grow.

Our Plan for Employment Creation:
-To employ 37 people in Phase 1 by October 2017
-To employ 128 people in Phase 2 by December 2018
-To employ 260 people in Phase 3 by December 2020

Our Vision and Mission:
-Become the biggest Biofuel Manufacturer in South Africa and Africa that is also black owned.
-Offer the Cheapest Prices in Biofuel offering our clients up to 30% cheaper fuel
-Offer HIGH QUALITY Fuel to our clients at the cheapest prices
-Offer service excellence to our clients
-Encourage Entrepreneurship in Biofuel and Renewable Energy
-Invest in the Education and Skills Development of Young People in Biofuel
-Invest in Women entering the Biofuel Industry
-Create Employment to 400 job opportunities in the Biofuel Industry for women and the youth as priority
-Develop 200 Entrepreneurs in entering the Renewable Energy and Biofuel Sector
-Create a Cleaner South Africa through converting waste to something needed in our economy

Our Industry focus for biodiesel clients:

  • Trucking
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Shipping
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Factories
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Airport Service Vehicles
  • Rail
Benefits of Biodiesel
Our new Biodiesel is renewable fuel made from the process of recycling thousands of Tyres, Plastic Waste, Or Vegetable Oil, Animal Fat into diesel making it Biodiesel. Our plant will be able to produce tons of Tyres and Plastic Waste into Biodiesel and the cheapest diesel you will get in South Africa currently.
Biodiesel can be used in ANY diesel engine, whether it may be a car, SUV, LDV, truck, industrial machinery, forklift, tractor, generator, ships, boat, mining, earth moving vehicle, boiler, marine or in a burner for heating. Wherever diesel is used, biodiesel can be used.

  • It costs less than regular diesel, it is 30% CHEAPER!
  • It lasts 20% LONGER in the engine than regular diesel
  • It contains no or little sulphur
  • It has a higher Cetane rating that improves the efficiency of compression ignition
  • NO engine modifications are necessary to use biodiesel on any diesel engine
  • It is non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic & environmentally friendly
  • It has a flash point greater than 120°C while fossil diesel is approx. 70°C
  • Users can switch between biodiesel and regular diesel as they wish
  • It has superior cleaning properties over all other regular diesel
  • It provides much better engine lubrication than regular diesel
  • It produces 75% less exhaust smoke emissions
  • It produces 80% less carbon dioxide emissions
  • It extends engine life by up to 200%
  • It mixes very well with regular diesel
  • It is safe to store and handle
  • It is a renewable fuel
  • It is a “green” fuel

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